Day 14 – Meet Natalie!

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Meet Natalie

-This morning we met with Natalie who was flying in from Cape Town—bless her heart after flying for 22 hours on Easter morning she still wanted to take her time to meet with us.  Natalie will be bringing in new business with Chocology.  Natalie was magical as David’s PA here in England.  She would always believe that something is possible and somehow she made it so.  I love her positive attitude and trust our new clients couldn’t be in better hands.

Our final destination of this trip is the London Eye!  Madeline and I had the most lovely afternoon tea, the staff was charming and we were in the center of absolutely everything. After our hour ride we stolled along the River Thames and enjoyed the street fair (in the rain) and indulged in the sites and smells of the rich indian foods and the diversity of people only to be found in London.  It’s no wonder Madeline wants to move back here.

Happy travels,
Linda and Madeline

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