The Chocolate Challenge



It’s so much fun to learn about new and exciting things! We at Chocology love learning, especially when it comes to learning more about chocolate.

What have you learned about chocolate?

To celebrate all that we’ve learned so far, we’d like to invite you to test your knowledge. Hint: check out past blog posts to confirm your answers.


TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE -with our self grading test

What are three of the health benefits of eating chocolate?
Fill in the blank: Scientific research has shown that the higher the ___________percentage, the healthier the chocolate.
How does mindfully tasting chocolate expand our appreciation of it?
Based on the poll Chocology did two weeks ago, what types of chocolate were most desirable?   Suggestion: check our Facebook page at
Where do we get our knowledge about how cacao was first used?
How did the chocolate press revolutionize the way we use cacao?

We would love to know how you did! Leave us a comment or head on over to Facebook and share what you know. Maybe you know something that we don’t. Give us a tip and it could be a featured topic on one of our upcoming Chocology blog posts.

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