Chocology Holiday Chocolate Gifts


With Thanksgiving already in our rear view mirror it’s time to think about the upcoming Holiday celebrations. Are you looking for a unique gift for that special someone?  Or perhaps you need a gift for your boss or the loved one who already has everything.

Let Chocology make your holiday gift giving season memorable with our holiday chocolates—the perfect gift for all chocolate lovers. Flavors of the season such as cherry, eggnog and caramel are swaddled in exquisite chocolate goodness. Not only will these chocolates please the palate, they provide a feast for the eyes as well.  The attention to detail and the artisan touch to each individual creation is a little small gift of it’s own. Each chocolate, a miniature work of art, is packed to order and never warehoused.  Chocology chocolates are hand finished, containing 100% cocoa butter and cream combined with the highest quality natural ingredients available and no added preservatives.  High in cocoa mass and low in sugar content, our Holiday Chocolate series is a gift that everyone will cherish. Each hand packed box also comes with our signature card describing the art of mindfully eating chocolate.

Our chocolates come in four, twelve and twenty-four piece boxes. Choose from our selection or customize your chocolate box to your liking. Either way, we promise to deliver the perfect chocolate gift to you and your loved ones.

Our Chocology Holiday Collection

What’s Inside…

Hot Chocology

This milk chocolate shell contains blended white chocolate and Swiss cocoa, topped with marshmallow and infused with creme de cacao to give you a distinctively festive feel; proving good things really do come in small packages!

This festive dark chocolate ganache infused with simply sublime seasonal Cherry Balsamic Vinegar and a smooth layer of white chocolate ganache with a hint of vanilla is an all-time favorite.

Chocolate Pumpkin CheesecakeCHOCOLATE PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE  (Sold Out)
You’ll experience an unexpected treat when you try this smooth velvety pumpkin cheesecake in a milk chocolate shell.


 Winter Green Pear TreeWINTER GREEN PEAR TREE  (Sold Out)
A perfect pairing of soft Riesling, cinnamon and honey all wrapped in dark chocolate.  It’s time to give this sweet, seductive pear it’s  due.


This all-American chocolate version gets added sophistication from tart apple, rich butter, cinnamon and the sweet taste of caramel


Everything you would expect to find in your eggnog packed into this white chocolate ganache infused with eggnog and sprinkled with  nutmeg.


This creamy butterscotch run caramel will warm you up inside and is every bit delicious as it sounds.


Fat Ass Fudge: from the Kitchen of Chocology 

Chocology FudgeIf fudge is more up your alley, perhaps you’ll enjoy our newly acquired Fat-Ass Fudge products. Made with Belgian chocolate, organic goat’s milk and goat’s butter, our fudge is both gluten and lactose free. With six flavors to choose from, this smooth chocolaty sweet goodness is sure to delight friends and family alike.

Here are some comments about our holiday chocolate we’ve received over this past weekend:

“The Hot Chocology and Apple Pie chocolates were the winners when my family sampled them yesterday. Pumpkin pie and candy cane were amazing too! Really delicious chocolates!!! Thank you for delivering them in time for the holiday!!”

“The red box itself made me think of a cup of a warm hot chocolate on a cold day.  The whole things tastes just like a hot chocolate with marshmallows, and that’s a very good thing indeed.”

“Mom fell in love with your fudge of which she bought two flavors. We just tried your chocolates and must say we never tasted chocolate like that before!!! Decadent doesn’t even describe it!! We’re very glad to have met you particularly before the holiday season so we can order your gourmet delectable treats as gifts and to enjoy ourselves.”


Start your holiday shopping now and receive an extra little treat with each purchase from now until midnight, Monday December 8.

PLUS, Free Shipping on orders over $75.00

Chocology wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season of love, good cheer and chocolate!

To customize your chocolate order, visit our website or email us at to discuss gifting needs.

Happy Holidays from your Chocolate family at Chocology!

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