Incorporating Chocolate into your Holiday Festivities

Cozy Christmas

We all enjoy chocolate most of the time, but never so much as during the holiday season. During the holidays we tend to let down our guard and just enjoy as many of the festivities as possible. From pies to stocking stuffers, chocolate definitely has a place in the holiday celebrations.

We thought it would be nice to envision what it would be like to walk into a home filled with chocolate. Here’s our idea of what that experience would be like.

xmas photo food

We arrive at grandmas house for Christmas, knowing it will be full of delectable surprises. We can already smell the scent of her candles ~ Layers of rich, fudgy cake laden with cocoa and covered with a light chocolate mousse frosting . . . smells just like the real thing.
As she greets us at the door, we see the overstuffed candy jar filled with various truffles ordered from her favorite candy shop. Down the hall is a tray of fudge, thick with lots of variety, ours for the taking. The advent calendar is up, with small wrapped chocolates peaking through the miniature doors.

Cast Iron Hot Choc

When the hugs have all been passed around, Grandma leads us to the living room. A warm fire greets us along with a cast iron teapot filled with her gourmet hot chocolate. Bowls of whipped cream peep from her silver ice bucket, along with a big bowl of marshmallows. We sit and take in the lights twinkling from the Holiday tree.

I am surprised to see that grandma has chosen colorful foil wrapped chocolates as her ornaments this year. She ordered them from Germany, where the custom has always been to adorn the holiday tree with chocolate covered surprises.


The stockings are hung. Grandma is not too good at hiding surprises. I can clearly see small boxes of our favorite truffles peeking out of the white fur that trims our red stockings. Chocolate Santa’s line the bar with mini chocolate elves scattered between them.


After dinner Grandma brings out her famous chocolate mousse. We know that for Christmas morning she will be serving her homemade donuts, covered of course with chocolate gnache. Her five layer dark and white chocolate cake will be dessert for tomorrow night.


As we ready ourselves for bed, grandma sneaks to our rooms to pull down the covers. There she places a small chocolate mint, she swears will help us sleep, despite our excitement.

Grandmas house is always a delight. The care she takes to set out our favorite things warms our hearts and will always be a part of our happy holiday memories.

Grandma xmas

We at Chocology love to make every day special and memorable. What types of things do you do to make your holiday a memorable one? Share your traditions with us here or on Facebook. We love to hear about what makes your holidays unforgettable!

Chocology would love to help make this season as special as it can be. Our Chocology truffles and bon bond are the ideal gift for that someone special. Our four-piece boxes are the perfect size to fit in any stocking.  Our six flavors of fudge will look delightful on that special platter you reserve for holidays. Made with organic goat’s milk, organic goat’s butter, and the finest chocolate available, your guest will rave over the flavors and distinct smoothness of Fat-Ass Fudge. Or tuck it in the stockings for an extra special surprise for your children.

However you choose to utilize your purchase, Chocology knows that our chocolate will thrill and delight all of the wonderful people in your life. Order today to ensure arrival by Christmas.

Chocology wishes you and yours the perfect holiday season, filled with joy and laughter.

The Chocology Team~

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