The Spirit Of Christmas Continues…Help Us Give Someone Special a Gift

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 8.50.20 PMThis past week we’ve had so much fun and joy sharing our fudge with our local Senior Center and with the homeless and the children of the Boys and Girls Club in New York, we never want Christmas to end.  That said, in the spirit of Christmas we at Chocology would like to give one last gift in 2014 to someone special.

Do you know someone who gives their all to everyone?  Someone who does good deeds or acts of kindness just because?

Do you know someone who always thinks of others?  Someone that works hard and gives all their best efforts to everything they do?

Do you know someone who might not treat themselves?

If so, send us an email with that persons’ story and we will choose one very special person to receive 12-piece box of Chocology decadent chocolates.  We promise to keep their story private, we can even send the chocolate anonymously.

Our very best wishes to your and yours in the New Year, may we all have a kinder, more peaceful and chocolaty 2015!

~Your family at Chocology

p.s.  My favorite quote for 2014 was Being Kind Instead of Right, I don’t know who said it first but I love it.  We love hearing from you, perhaps you might like to share a favorite quote of yours with us… share either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page or Twitter.

p.p.s. Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and shared in our Kindness events this past year!

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