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Do you know someone who adores chocolate? Someone who would appreciate receiving a box of decadent chocolate truffles each and every month – perhaps your elderly mother, the neighbors down the street or a friend? Maybe you would like to receive a box of chocolates for yourself at work each month.

Whatever the case may be, we have developed our Chocolate Lovers Club by Chocology to keep your loved one’s chocolate cravings at bay on a monthly basis. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find something that fits the budget and satisfies the palette.

Chocology chocolates go beyond your normal run-of-the-mill chocolate. Each chocolate, a miniature work of art, is packed to order and never warehoused. Chocology chocolates are hand finished, containing 100% cocoa butter and cream combined with the highest quality ingredients available. Each decadent morsel is finished with careful artistic style. High in cocoa mass and low in sugar content, this chocolate is actually healthy. Scientific research has suggested that chocolate is good for your heart, metal status and blood pressure.

With Valentine’s Day near, a subscription to our Chocolate Lovers Club is a great way to say, “I love you” over and over again. We also have one-time gift certificates available for a last minute gift giving option.

We’ve created the choices below, however the options don’t stop there! Should you desire a more unique approach, please contact us at 844-64-chock (24626) or email us at We’re happy to serve all of your chocolate needs this Valentines Day.

Chocolate Lovers Club by Chocology


Chocolate Lovers Club by Chocology


4 Piece Box  $46.35

12 Piece Box $117.00

24 Piece Box  $159.39


4 Piece Box  $91.50

12 Piece Box  $226.50

24 Piece Box $364.00


4 Piece Box $130.05

12 Piece Box  $327.00

24 Piece Box  $522.00

Prices include shipping and handling

* Note: In June, July, and August, we ship fudge in lieu of chocolate due to the heat.  You may opt for Overnight shipping for an additional charge.

Once you’ve placed your order, your gift announcement will be the first thing your recipient receives. The gift announcement can be sent via email or U.S. mail. There is also an option to print a gift announcement using your computer and printer. The announcement will include your personal message, information about the personal gift membership and the personalized delivery schedule. We’ll even send a handwritten note if you prefer.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a monthly box of chocolates? With options starting at $46.35 you can’t go wrong! Order yours today at our website.

We wish you and your family a day filled with love and joy this Valentines Day. Please feel free to share this offer with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. If you give this gift to someone special, we’d love to hear their responses as well.

~ The Chocology Team

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