Chocolate, Spring and Easter – Oh My!

easter basketThe cold days of winter continue to linger but the promise of spring peaks in around the corner, with hints of warmer days, budding flowers and Easter. Anticipation of the upcoming season has us excited about celebration and how chocolate fits into all of it.

When Chocology visited the Atria Senior Living Center a couple of weeks ago, the residents there got to reminiscing about their Easter festivities as children. Some remembered the Easter Bunny bringing them chocolate filled eggs in a variety of flavors. Others remembered receiving huge solid chocolate bunnies. We enjoyed watching them smile and giggle at the fun they had as children during their spring holiday.

Every time we talk about a holiday, conversation eventually turns to chocolate. Easter is no exception. Chocolate is a universal way for us to celebrate, it seems. When the conversation turns to chocolate, people always smile with delight.

With Easter at our doorstep, we thought it would be fun to find out what you’re hoping to get from the Easter Bunny this year. Won’t you help us inform the world’s most favorite rabbit what to leave in your Easter basket? Now a days, there are so many choices. Let’s make sure our friend knows what to bring!

How do you and your family celebrate Easter? Do you have a particularly memorable Easter or spring celebration that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear your story. Please share it with us in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter.

Chocology wishes you warmer days ahead, renewed growth and of course ~ lots of chocolate in your Easter Basket!

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