8—Tips for Making the Most of Your Farmer’s Market

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As we get into the swing of summer time Farmer’s Markets are popping up all around. As always, we here at Chocology will be in attendance every week at the Setauket Farmer’s Market (Friday’s from 4pm-7pm) and the Port Jefferson Farmer’s Market (Sunday’s from 9am-2pm) with our delicious Fat Ass Fudge. Farmer’s Markets, although tasty and fun, can sometimes be a bit of a bear to deal with so here are 8 quick tips suggested from our Port Jefferson market shoppers (and us) to make your experience more enjoyable:

1   Bring some cash. Sadly most vendors don’t accept credit cards, so if you want that special something cash is the way to go. On a side note, however, Chocology is not most vendors we do indeed accept all forms of payment!

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2   The early bird gets the worm. Get there bright and early before your favorite vendor sells out of the tastiest snack (or you miss out on an unusual or new item—the best stuff goes first).

3   Insulated bags = Your BFF! Most items you might purchase at the Farmer’s Markets are perishable and walking around outdoors can do some serious damage to your purchase, so bring some nice insulated bags and maybe even some ice packs to keep your food at the right temperature so it’s just as delicious and edible when you get home as it was upon purchase.

4   Ask about pre-ordering. Did you get there too late and your favorite Dark Chocolate with Nuts Fat Ass Fudge is sold out? Not to worry! Ask us about pre-ordering some to pick up for the following week. In fact, ask most sellers for a pre-order if they’re sold out of your favorite item.  Side note:  We also deliver locally!

5   Everything’s not always what it seems. Explore what the vendors have to offer, ask questions. Sometimes they have much more than what’s on the surface. Although we only sell our Fat Ass Fudge at Farmer’s Markets, for example, we do (sometimes) offer samplings of our artisan chocolates for work, wedding, and more fun events. Always ask vendors about what else they do, you may be surprised at what you learn.

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6.  Extra canvas totes are always a nice idea there’s just something beautiful about a Tote brimming with bright green lettuce, fresh bread, freshly picked peaches and our Fat Ass Fudge.

7    Try something new each week.  Step out of your comfort zone and try something different you won’t necessarily find in the grocery store. Have fun and let the kids pick out something.

Most Importantly…


8  Have Fun! Walk around, make new friends, explore the area, discover your new favorite hangout. Farmer’s Markets are a wonderful way to enjoy your local area and discover new things that may lead you on a path to awesomeness… or should we say fudgeyness!

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