Our First Guest Blogger: Meaghan Sugrue

cornellidguest bloggerWe at Chocology are so pleased to present our first guest blogger, Meaghan Sugrue, a junior at Cornell University. She is currently studying Food Science there and is about to embark on a wonderful journey to Lille, France, where she will study International food-manufacturing systems.

We are so pleased to welcome Meaghan to the Chocology blog team and look forward to hearing more about her studies in France. So without further ado, please find Meaghan’s first Chocology Post below.

Chocolate Discoveries
by Meaghan Sugrue

You never know what you might stumble upon.  That’s what I thought as I gravitated towards the friendly booth at my neighborhood farmers market advertising fudge and other chocolate confections.  After a few samples of Chocology Unlimited’s exceptional treats and a conversation with the companies founders, I found myself more than just a box full of sweets to savor.

To introduce myself, my name is Meaghan Sugrue and I am a rising junior at Cornell University studying Food Science.  From electing to read Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation at age 12, to working in an old style European bakery in high school to a current dedication to nutrition, food has always been essential to me.  This semester I will be off to Lille, France to study food-manufacturing systems with an international focus.  After telling the Chocology Team about my plans, I was offered a spot with the company as a guest blogger.  Through writing about the chocolate in each country traveled to, I will reflect on my experiences abroad with a food-centric lens, from Long Island across Europe.

I will begin my journey with some thoughts on the Chocology Unlimited truffles.  After hearing about how the company aims to bring high quality chocolate to consumers looking to mindfully indulge while participating in charities and activities aimed on spreading happiness across communities, it was clear to me this is a special company.  A company that not only prioritizes customers but looks to make the world better through the power of food.  This introduction was complimented by a box of four expertly designed truffles, each with a detailed description reminiscent of a famous travel destination.  My mom, sister and I tried these truffles the other day after dinner with the instructions to eat slowly and appreciate.  They were more than sweet surprises but unforgettable, with flavors such as coffee, hazelnut and Tahitian vanilla perfectly blended, lingering on our palates and in conversations from that day on.  Such an experience made me question the king-size candy bars found in each vending machine in every public building across America.   As a very plugged-in 20 year old who can be hasty at times, I am hoping to take what I learned from that tasting with me to Europe.  Perhaps all we need to feel satiated is something truly memorable and the patience to enjoy it?

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