An Evening in the Tank

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Entrepreneur. Don’t you just love the word? It invokes a sense of paving one’s own way, innovative new ideas and walking into uncertainty with gusto.

Chocology had the privilege of speaking at the Sprout Pharmaceutical National Sales Conference last Tuesday evening in Washington, D.C. along with 8 other Shark Tank participants. Our focus was to share our experiences with the Sprout National Sales Team, in their “Sprout Tank”, about our entrepreneurial practices and business styles.

sprout pharmSprout Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical company committed to women’s health. “At Sprout, we celebrate ownership, boldness, quirkiness, learning, family and appreciation.”  What a great organization to be a part of.


The Shark Tank themed evening began with the Sprout sales team entering the room accompanied by the theme song from Shark Tank. What an inspiring way to enter a sales conference!

sprout conference chocology


After general introductions, Linda Johnson, managing director and owner of Chocology, had three ideas for the sales team.




  • “There is no one “right way” to be an entrepreneur.  It’s all about being yourself and bringing your authentic ideas to your product or service.”
  • “Being Customer Focused is the cornerstone of any business …the sale begins and ends with relationships, both internal within your company and external with your customers.”
  • “Always be looking for solutions, I begin each morning with this question: ‘How many problems can I solve today?’ ”

dammon johnThe evening ended with a talk from Daymond John, entrepreneur, investor, author and star of ABC’s Shark Tank. His hour and a half talk encompassed a time line of his life including humble beginnings, his love of hip hop, his founding of FUBU clothing company (For Us, By Us) and his creation and time on Shark Tank.

John used key words to define the traits needed for entrepreneurship: hustler, mining for opportunities, a willingness to fail and not minding the “you’re crazy” comments.


There were five Shark Tools that he stressed throughout his talk that helped him to be successful and that he wants to impart to new entrepreneurs.

  • Set goals. 
  • Do your Homework.
  • Adore what you do. 
  • Remember that you’re the brand. 
  • Keep Swimming.

He ended with a quote from his mother that has seen him through all of his adventures. “It takes the same amount of energy to think small as it does to think big.”

His talk was empowering and inspirational not only to the sales team, but to the Shark Tank participants as well.

Other Shark Tank participants included:

Daymond was very inspirational and being with other Shark Tank participants is always exciting.  We at Chocology were honored to be present at this event. Daymond John and all of the Shark Tank participants left us feeling uplifted and ready for the many adventures ahead.

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