Hot Chocology

Hot Chocolate

Is it cold where you are? What do you do in the wintertime to stay warm? For us, it’s the time of year for warm blankets, cozy sweaters, crackling fireplaces and . . . hot chocolate, of course!

Everything is better with chocolate, especially cold weather. And what better way to sneak in a bit of chocolate every day than with a Hot Chocology? Gather some friends together for an unforgettable cozy afternoon having fun with hot chocolate. Or sit near the fireplace savoring the rich chocolate brew with your family. Either way, Hot Chocology is sure to delight.

Linda and Madeline know how to make chocolate not only delicious but fun too! Here are some instructions for getting the most out of YOUR Hot Chocolate.

Fun with Hot Chocology

Hot Chocology

  • First, start by pulling out your oversized Hot Chocology mugs. This hot chocolate is so divine; you’ll need the larger cup!
  • Next, simmer organic whole milk in a kettle on the stove. Be sure to simmer and not boil. The organic whole milk provides a rich brew.
  • Now here comes the fun part. Choose a Fat Ass Fudge flavor. We’ve tested with Fat Ass Dark Chocolate and Fat Ass Cappuccino, but be creative! Choose your favorite and give it a go.
  • Add your Fat Ass Fudge to the hot milk and stir until melted. We like to pop it all into the Vitamix for a rich and frothy treat. Once blended, pour into your mugs.
  • For an extra special treat, our Chief Creative Director of Chocology Kids, Madeline Johnson, created a fun way for the kids to extend the fun. ~ Buy a big bag of giant marshmallows. Then, pull out the edible markers. Madeline likes to draw faces on hers before she plops them in her hot chocolate. What do you like to draw? Have fun creating your favorite designs and then watch them float and gradually melt into your Hot Chocology, making it an even more rich, delectable and fun pleasure.

H Chocology w Marshmallow

What a fun activity to add to your next party or gathering! An array of Fat Ass fudge for guest to choose from plus marshmallows and edible markers make for an activity that everyone will enjoy.

We hope that your Thanksgiving week is full of family, gratitude, great food and Hot Chocology!

Bon appétit!



~ The Chocology Team


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