Acts of Kindness – Part 2 – The Seniors

Senior 6

Last week we shared with you our Chocology Kids service project that the kindergarten class did for the seniors at Atria Senior Living Community. This week we will share what the seniors reactions.

Senior 3

First of all, the seniors were delighted with the kid’s creations. We enjoyed watching the smiles on their faces as they received the children’s offering.

Senior 2

After the seniors received the kid’s project, it was time to get busy. Everyone worked hard to create something special to send back to the kindergartners. We were delighted to be a part of both ends of this Kindness project. What satisfaction it is to see young and old making an effort to brighten another’s day.

Senior 9 Senior 7

The seniors love being a part of giving back to the community at large, especially to children. And of course, they loved the Fat Ass Fudge we brought them. We always hear someone say, “this reminds me of how my mother made fudge.”

Senior 1

Senior 8

We came away from the project feeling very good, “My heart is happy.” said Madeline.  We are very proud of the connection we’ve created between the generations and soon the seniors are going to take a field trip over to visit the kids in person! Now that’s a field trip everyone will remember.

Senior 10

Senior 5

Senior 4


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2 Responses to Acts of Kindness – Part 2 – The Seniors

  1. Shannan Anastasi says:

    What a wonderful way to express your love for all ! You guys are all amazing !!

    • Thanks for your comments Shannon, we LOVE what we do and glad you follow along on our journey. The kids are preparing a concert for and a sing-along with the seniors in May…can hardly wait. They’re all so excited.

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