A Fun Fudgy Challenge

8550012_mWe often write about all of the interesting people that we get to meet as we go about our Chocology business and little Alexa was no exception.

We met Beth and her daughter Alexa at the Port Jefferson Winter Market last month. What a joy it was to connect with them. When Alexa told us of a gum challenge she had done recently, we decided to enlist her help with a Fat Ass Fudge challenge as well.

Seven-year-old Alexa took home five different flavors of our Fat Ass fudge. She decided that she would recruit a couple of friends and have a fudge tasting party. Everyone was blindfolded and then tasted each of the five flavors – Mint, peanut butter, Key Lime Pie, Caramel and White Chocolate.

The first challenge was to determine which flavor was the best. Alexa found that the mint fudge was her favorite. Her friend Amy’s favorite was Key Lime Pie and her sister’s was the peanut butter.

Next, they wanted to determine which flavor was the sweetest. Alexa and her sister felt that the caramel was the sweetest. Her friend Amy was sure that the white chocolate was the sweetest of all of the flavors that they tried.

We appreciate Alexa taking the time to evaluate our Fat Ass Fudge and provide us with her results. See below to find her conclusions, written in her own words.

Do you have kids that would like to take the FAF Challenge? Email us or leave a comment and we’ll get back with you on how your kids can take part in this fun (and tasty!) activity.

And of course, check our website often. We are always experimenting with new Fat Ass Fudge flavors!

Alexa’s FAF Challenge Findings

Thank you for giving us this project.

You gave us 5 different kinds of fudge and we did a great project with it.

What we did was we put a blindfold on without knowing which type of fudge we were eating.

The 5 fudge flavors were mint, peanut butter chocolate, key lime pie and white chocolate.

Here are our resutls: My favorite was the mint, my friend Amy’s favorite was key lime pie and my sisters favorite was the peanut butter.

The sweetest for me was the caramel. My sisters was caramel and my friend Amy was white chocolate.

Thank you,



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  1. Sue Osborne says:

    I am going to be on the road again and was wondering if you have a store in upper Ca or along the way to Wa.? Thanks for your time.


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