Pssst… Want to Hear a Chocolate Covered Secret?

Top SecretMadeline and I love working together in the Chocology Test Kitchen. A little of this and a little of that (that’s how my mom taught me) and voila! New flavors emerge.

Recently, we decided to add mint to our famous, award winning Fat Ass Fudge. After tinkering with it for a bit, we decided to take it to the people. We packaged and loaded it up and handed out lots of samples at the Port Jefferson Winter Farmers Market.

After 3-weeks of customer input… Whoa, what a success! The response was overwhelming. And since we are all about the customer, we will be adding Fat Ass Fudge Chocolate Mint flavor to our product line. (a hint of chocolate at the end) We just love it when our tinkering in the kitchen delights and pleases our customers. Our mission is to continue working with our customers to bring new flavors that please the palate and delight young and old alike.

Mint Fudge

In addition, we have developed another fudge flavor that will compliment the summer months that are soon to be upon us. Our cHarissa (23 Moroccan spices) fudge is spicy and chocolaty, the cHarissa blends into our chocolate and is all wrapped into one awesome fudge delight. Chocolate with a kick at the end, just enough kick to keep you going back for more.

cHarissa Spice, is a wildly popular spicy condiment developed by a local Long Islander, in honor of his late wife. We started out last summer by pairing this spice with our patrons at the Farmer’s Market. When we took it to the test kitchen and added it to the fudge, we came up with a most pleasing spicy taste that everyone loved.


We are super excited to unveil these two new flavors on our website. We’d love to hear your feedback. Which do you like best? Chocolate minty fudge or cHarissa spiced fudge? We look forward to having you try these new flavors and are excited to continue our work in the test kitchen to develop new and unusual flavor combinations that suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Here’s to tinkering, chocolate and inventing new flavors!

~The Chocology Team

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3 Responses to Pssst… Want to Hear a Chocolate Covered Secret?

  1. The minty fudge sounds divine! ❤️

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