Customer Service, Real Estate and Chocolate?


Special thank you to our client Terri Palmer for sharing her one of her favorite customer service tips and her Chocology story in this great blog post.  Terri is a Real Estate Agent in the Dallas, Texas area.

Being a real estate agent.  People often say to me, “So you are in Sales?  I say,  “No.  I am in the Service Industry!”

There is so much more to real estate than a closing table.  All agents are required to stay abreast of legal and ethics issues ñ contract law and such.  The fresh-out-of-college agents, has also brought the real estate market into a more techno-savvy industry but also it has brought a plethora of competition.

So how to differentiate from others?  Service!  How you service the client and their experience is what will truly be remembered. My goal is to not only secure their dream home but also to make the whole experience a warm, exciting memory.

One differentiator is the last memento to the home buying experience – the closing gift. Home buying enlightens all the senses with new discoveries, a warmth and new start to life!  To enhance this experience I always send a box of artesian chocolates from Chocology Unlimited.

Chocology Chocolates are a gift within a gift!  You know like receiving a blue or red box (Tiffany or Red Envelope); you get excited before you even open the box!  The same can be said for Chocology Chocolates as they are beautifully packaged. I personalize my Chocology box with either a picture of my new homeowners or a picture of the home as the top liner to this enticing  “box.” But the picture does not get viewed for long before the smells of the box just envelop you!


A warm and tasty memory to an exciting new chapter in your client’s life!  It’s all about the service.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.09.27 AMTerri Palmer (An always pleased Chocology client)

Ebby Halliday Realtor:  Plano, Texas

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