Salt Cave Chocolate

Port Jeff Salt Cave

Recently, Chocology was invited to serve chocolate at the grand opening of the Port Jeff Salt Cave. Marcy, the owner of the Salt Cave is a firm believer in the benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt.

Salt Cave Ribbon Cutting

The walls and floors of the salt rooms at the Cave are constructed out of real bricks of pink Himalayan Sea Salt, the purest salt on earth. A halo generator permeates the salt through the air while guests lounge in zero gravity chairs, taking in the dry salt therapy. Once the guests leave the cave, the miracle therapy begins.

Why have a Himalayan salt treatment? What are the miracle benefits? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Promotes general well-being
  • Can potentially help with respiratory and skin conditions
  • Can increase athletic performance

According to Marcy, wars have been fought over it, soldiers have been paid with it, human beings are genetically wired to crave it and it could very well be the cure for everything from insomnia to allergies to ADHD.

Linda, owner of Chocology, first learned about salt caves from a friend in North Carolina, who raved about the salt cave benefits. Linda has been intrigued ever since. When Marcy invited Chocology to serve at the opening, it prompted Linda into a deep research about cooking and serving on salt blocks. The minute she saw an 8 by 8 Himalayan cooking salt block, she remembered one of the most lavish meals she’d ever had in Aruba, cooked on a hot stone. Her idea of serving chocolate on a frozen salt block was born. Salt Blocks are one of the best cooking and serving surfaces she’s found. They provide a complex and amazing salt flavor without being overbearing.

Linda Salt Cave

At the Port Jeff Salt Cave, Linda served dark chocolate and caramel fudge upon the frozen Himalayan Salt block, accompanied by fresh fruit. The salt brings out the sweetness of the fruit. Shockingly delicious!

Fudge on Salt Block

Since then, Linda has served samples of her chocolate at the Pindar Wine tasting as well as at her weekly Farmer’s markets. People rave at the unique presentation and flavor.

This is just the beginning of Linda’s research. Next week, she hopes to visit The Meadow in New York City and meet Mark Bitterman, best-selling author of Salted and Salt Block Cooking. She’s looking forward to talking salt and touring the shop.

Chocolate Fudge-Covered Salt-Sopped Cherries are next on the Chocology horizon. We can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Where can you get a salt block and begin your own experimentation? On our website of course! Be sure to check our website in the coming weeks to get your own Salt Block for cooking and serving delicious foods. And remember to pick up some Fat Ass Fudge so that you can experiment with frozen salt blocks and chocolate.

To learn more about Salt Caves, in particular the Port Jeff Salt Caves, visit Marcy’s website here.

Happy cooking and serving!

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