Chocology Meets Technology

Chocology has an exciting new development for all you chocolate enthusiasts out there. Through the combination of science and creativity, we have a new piece of technology that will change the chocolate game forever. No, it is not a chocolate powered hoverboard (though hopefully that will be invented soon). Even better, we have a 3D chocolate printer! It combines all of the best qualities of both chocolate and technology.

To understand how the 3D chocolate printer works, first we must understand how a regular 3D printer works. A design is created and given to a computer to construct. The computer then drives a mechanical arm to place plastic, layer be layer from the ground up to match the design exactly. Our new machine functions exactly like a typical 3D printer except the boring old plastic is replaced with delicious chocolate! This means there is practically no limit to the chocolate designs we can create.

One of the reasons this machine is so spectacular is the way that technology and chocolate have to work together. The chocolate used to make designs is the same Belgian chocolate that we use for our Fat Ass Fudge that you know and love. To keep our quality the same, the printer must keep the chocolate within a 1 degree range while it makes a design with extreme precision. This is no easy task, but the result is spectacular. We get a beautifully designed chocolate treat thats ready to eat right off the printer!

This technology has so many applications we are very excited about, including printing logos for companies or names for parties. More importantly, we are excited for the way we can engage the public, especially kids, in technology and science. Regular technology doesn’t interest everybody, but adding chocolate to the equation has the potential to change all of that. Now adults and children alike have the opportunity to explore new interests in science they never knew they had.

This chocolate printer is an amazing new addition to the Chocology team. Our products are no longer limited by technical ability. The limit of our chocolate is now bound by our creativity alone, and that is something we are very exciting to share.

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