About Us

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Our Vision ~ RED ~ The color of Passion, Energy and Action

Relationships – building sound Relationships with our team, clients and world.
Education – Studying all aspects of chocolate, alongside our team and clients.
Distinct – providing Distinct quality, taste and craftsmanship to our products.

Our Chocolates

Chocology chocolates are not your average chocolate. These Belgium delights will take you on an experience like no other.

Each chocolate, a miniature work of art, is packed to order and never warehoused. Chocology chocolates are hand finished, containing 100% cocoa butter and cream combined with the highest quality natural ingredients available. Each decadent morsel is hand finished with careful artistic style. High in cocoa mass and low in sugar content, this chocolate is actually healthy.

Exquisite milk, dark and white chocolates melt in your mouth effortlessly. Filled with dreamy cream, truffle or praline centers, you’ll want to savor the experience and make it last.

We take pride in importing high quality products from Belgium, known all over the world for their excellence. Our Mission is simple…to bring our clients the most distinctive chocolate products available. We make chocolate personal!

Our Story

The Johnson family aspired to owning and running a business together for many years. On April 9, 2014 that dream became a reality in the form of Chocology. The family’s love of chocolate paired with their passion for learning and sharing became the catalyst for their expansion into the world of chocolate.

Linda and Madeline toured the Belgium suppliers and even collaborated on some unique new products. They are currently enrolled in an internationally recognized professional chocolatier class. They plan to continue educating themselves on all things chocolate and then of course, pass that knowledge forward.

The Johnsons have big plans for the future. They dream of incorporating the use of chocolate in corporate team building workshops, kids clubs and classes and online education, just to name a few. The Chocology blog will explore the benefits, history and science of chocolate in hopes of distinguishing this delicacy as a fun and interesting learning tool.

The study and science of chocolate is a passionate subject for the Johnsons. They are pleased to have the opportunity to share that passion with their clients.

The Founders

Linda Johnson

Linda is wife to David Johnson, as well as a mother, dedicated to raising and home schooling her 12-year-old daughter, Madeline. Linda believes in passion based learning, with the world being the classroom. She leads by moving towards a more peaceful and kinder world, incorporating volunteerism and travel into her family’s life.

Chocology was born out of a desire that her family work, play and enjoy life together. Her family’s appreciation of chocolate led her to fashion a company revolving around something that they all love and want to learn more about.

Chocology is based on teamwork and empowered relationships. Linda’s philosophy that relationship comes first, both with her customers and her team, is at the forefront of every decision made. Her desire is to create jobs for passionate people who can assist her in growing Chocology as well as forward their own dreams and passions. She invites her customers to discover chocolate from many perspectives and join in collaboration with her team as they navigate the world of chocolate.

Madeline Johnson

Madeline is 12 years old and very much a part of the Chocology vision. She is a life learner who adores chocolate and has many ideas of her own for the company.

Madeline has volunteered in many capacities for years, but her finest work has been with PetsMart, caring for the adoption animals. Her idea to incorporate Puppy Pops, inspired by her dog Logan and her volunteer work, is on the Chocology inventory horizon.

Also influenced by Madeline are plans to kick off a Chocology Kids Club, which will inspire kids to learn more about the chocolate they love to eat. Run by kids – for kids the club will surely kindle fun appreciation and knowledge of this delectable sweet.

David Johnson

Every successful business has a sharp financial mind behind the scenes. Chocology has that mind in the form of Daddy/David, CFO. While he’s still engaged in the corporate world, he is dedicated to the financial success of Chocology. His experience and expertise serve the vision of moving the company forward with quality products and customer service while also keeping his eye on the financial soundness of the company.

One of David’s passions is the appreciation and experience of coffee. This passion coupled with the study of chocolate has inspired him to experiment with coffee/chocolate pairings. He will be contributing his findings to the blog, in hopes of educating us on the wonders of combining fine coffee with luxurious chocolate. What a treat!

We welcome you to the world of Chocology and invite you to join us as we delve into and explore the exquisite significance of chocolate in our lives.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. valerieinkaty says:

    What a great concept! Very creative and fun! Can’t miss with family, chocolate, and coffee! Best of luck!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Valerie. Would you like to help us beta test our shipping process? If you send me a private email with your mailing address, I’ll send you a box of chocolates for our pre-launch test. -All I ask for is your honest feedback. linda@chocologyunlimited.com

  3. Charles L. says:

    Most concientious customer oriented business I have ever had the privilege to order from . 👍 😎
    Charles L.

    • Charlie, you just made my day. I never saw this comment until now. I’m sitting here in happy tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words.

      What’s funny is that I was going to write to you today because, I’m sure you noticed; your credit card from your most recent purchase went through! I’ve been doing some backend work on our website. Also you may have noticed: I’ve set up a My Account login (upper right handside of our homepage) . Always striving to make things better! Good enough is never.

      Take good care,
      Very best,

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