Labor Day “Launch” Weekend

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We had all kinds of great celebrations this Labor Day weekend.  On Friday night David and I headed downtown to celebrate our launch with some of our favorite local shops. Here’s a list of some of the places we visited:

You’ll have to go to our website for the pictures.

Saturday night saw our Chocology Unlimited Launch party at The Dusty Attic in Port Jefferson Village. It was simply the best!  The evening was warm and people were milling around town and coming in and out all night.  The party was an amazing combination of chocolates, champagne and good people.

Earlier I had created a test batch of our new homemade fudge recipe and we were excited that everyone loved it.  I’m working on my Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatiers class—my assignment was to create a new recipe and from everyones comments it appears to be going quite well.

We were fortunate enough to be surrounded with familiar faces, new friends, and so many visitors from all over the island and Connecticut.  At one point, I stood there and looked around and I thought “Oh my goodness, Chocology is going to be a big success—wow!”  Overall, the night exceeded our expectations and served to reaffirm our dream that Chocology Unlimited will actually succeed.

Social Media isn’t always social.  I know, I know I still need to work on the social media side, it was hard for me to be social (the part I like is talking with live people) and taking pictures and posting and Tweeting and Instagraming all at the same time so we’ll have to work on that process.  The up side was that many of our visitors really enjoyed seeing their pics go directly from my iPhone to our website!

The whole evening is still a bit of a blur so it’s really nice to be able to look at our home page and see all those pictures from this weekend.  We even made our first sales!  We booked two future events and opened the door for additional possibilities.  We were exhausted afterwards.

Thank you to all of the well wishers who came out to visit and also those who just stopped by because of the chocolate and champagne and check out what festivities The Dusty Attic had going on.

I’m so grateful to Lori and Sal at The Dusty Attic, we could never have pulled off such a special event without their support. They’re such good people, please check them out on Facebook .  We are truly appreciative for all that they have done to support Chocology from the very beginning.  We’re already planning on how to reciprocate!

On Labor Day, we finally had a chance to stop into other shops we enjoy in the village and drop off some tasty treats:

If you’re interested in finding out more about Chocology Unlimited, please visit our website  We’ve got pictures from the weekend up online.  To keep up to date with all of our activities and products, “follow” our adventures on TwitterFacebook, and  Instagram.. …  Be sure to watch for our online launch party coming soon!

Cheers to endings and new beginnings and the endless possibilities they bring.

Linda Johnson

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  1. Congratulations, Linda! Looking forward to great chocolates from great people!!

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