The Art of Tasting Fudge


tastingAt Chocology we value artistry in every form. Meandering down the halls of an art museum, sitting at a wine tasting bar or enjoying a meal set before us invites appreciation and reverence. These are the meaningful experiences of life and we don’t want to rush through them.

Chocolate making, of course, is another form of art. At Chocology, each and every step of the chocolate making process is a deliberate act. For this reason, we invite our customers to slow down when tasting our chocolates, and our Fat Ass Fudge is no exception.

Our focus at each event that we attend is to teach our customers to take a moment to pause before eating. Close their eyes perhaps and contemplate the surroundings. Mindfully tasting chocolate can be a rewarding experience when we slow down and appreciate it. When we are accustomed to popping it into our mouths heedlessly, we miss the adventure of skillfully tasting what we eat.

OurFudge_mediumOur Fat Ass Fudge is made with top-notch ingredients including Belgian chocolate, goat’s milk and butter. Now that’s worth slowing down for! This rich and unbelievably creamy delight melts in your mouth effortlessly, providing a rich and tasty experience for young and old alike.

So how can you slow down and savor a sweet like this when you want to eat it as fast as you can? Chocology has devised three easy steps to get the most delightful experience out of your Fat Ass Fudge.

Step One: Pop it Into Your Mouth

Slice off a small piece of your favorite flavor, place the fudge on the tip of your tongue and let your taste buds begin a sensory experience.

Step Two: Don’t Chew, Don’t Swallow

Allow the fudge to melt on your tongue to experience an intensely satisfying chocolate flavor coupled with a deliciously smooth texture. This is an extraordinary adventure for your taste buds.

Step Three: Your Mouth Works Like an Oven

As the Fat Ass Fudge melts in your mouth, it will flow over your entire tongue. Savor this experience. Depending on the flavor you have chosen, you may experience sweet and savory, spicy or nutty. You may even make a cappuccino right inside your mouth!

In a world where everything seems to be rushed, a simple pause in your day can make all the difference. Putting the focus on mindful eating, especially when eating chocolate, is a satisfying experience that refocuses the mind, allowing us to be present and aware of flavors, textures and artistry. Our appreciation increase when our center of attention is placed upon the experience of eating rather than hurrying on to the next bite. When we remember to acknowledge and slow down for the finer things in life, we are certain to feel more gratitude and joy in our lives, something we all want more of.


~ Happy Holidays from The Chocology Team




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