Couverture Chocolate

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Couverture: Chocolate containing at least 32% cocoa butter. The high cocoa butter content makes the chocolate taste better in your mouth and produce a more satiny finish for a beautiful chocolate. Couverture comes from the French word couvrir – to coat or cover and is pronounced koo-vehr-TYOOR. Sometimes referred to as fondant chocolate.

 At Chocology we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients in our products. So of course we use couverture chocolate in everything we craft.

Couverture chocolate is real chocolate. Compound chocolates or chocolate melts contain vegetable oil rather than cocoa butter, making it less expensive and easier to work with, however the taste is significantly compromised. Couverture chocolate gives fine chocolate it’s snap, is easier to pour and contains true chocolate ingredients, derived from the cacao tree.

Couverture chocolate requires the use of cocoa butter, making the process of chocolate making a little more time consuming. In order to re-establish the cocoa butter crystals into the chocolate, a special procedure called tempering is called for. During this process the chocolate and cocoa butter are melted together producing the proper sheen, snap and taste to the finished product. Tempering also prevents bloom, the separating of the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids resulting in a whitish or grayish coating on the outside of the chocolate. Couverture chocolate can be stored longer without the danger of bloom since it must be tempered. The more cocoa butter that is added, the more fluid the chocolate becomes.



The chocolate solids are also ground to a finer texture for couverture chocolate, resulting in a superior texture, flavor and taste. Couverture is perfect for enrobing truffles, bonbons and other fine candies.



Is couverture chocolate worth the extra time and expense? We sure think so! And we believe that once you taste it, you will too. Our mission is to bring the very best to our chocolate loving family. Fine ingredients, careful preparation and love is always at the top our priority list. Try Chocology truffles or Fat Ass Fudge and see for yourself.


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