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Here comes Peter Cottontail. . .

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. . .and the results of our Easter Basket poll. Easter is April 5th this year, less than a month away. Can you guess what most people want to find in their Easter basket this year?

YOU guessed – the big chocolate Easter Bunny was the treat of choice (71%)! We want to thank all of our loyal readers for participating in our poll. Your input greatly contributes to the choices that Chocology makes. Rest assured, chocolate bunnies will be among our Easter offerings this year. We’ll announce our line of Easter products on Facebook in the coming days, so be sure to check there often.

In honor of your vote, we decided to find out what part of the chocolate Easter Bunny people like to eat first. Is it the ears or the tail? Or, perhaps it’s the feet? In a recent study, over 76% of people said they eat the ears first.

Does it really matter which part of the bunny you eat first? Well, we’re not sure – but according to the Cowboy Country website as well as the Women’s Lifestyle website, the portion you eat first says a lot about your personality. Do any of these personality traits match your bunny eating style?

Ears First:

If you’re the kind of person who nibbles on the ears first, you’re a practical organized and traditional person who values security and you’re extremely loyal.  You might be a little impatient at times but everyone loves you!

 Tail First:

 If you start with the chocolate tail, you’re the type that usually takes the road less traveled. But don’t think it’s because you’re an innovator, because you usually don’t like people knowing just what you’re up to.  You’re a bit cautious and maybe a little sneaky!

Biting or Snapping Off Rabbit Head:

You’re restless, independent and always on the go, and being a go-getter, you like to get the job done.  You also have a sparkling personality and make friends easily.

Smelling It First:

If you tend to smell the chocolate rabbit before taking a bite, more than likely you’re a bit cautious.  You also tend to have high standards and you’re a very detail oriented person.  You’re also polite, very well mannered and you hold back, because you don’t want others to see that you’re also a bit odd!

Smashing the Bunny:

You’d think anyone who’d smash a chocolate bunny to bits would rate right up there with a serial killer, but in fact, you’re just filled with lots of ambition and enthusiasm.  You’re “just do it” attitude is how you live your life.  You’re also a bit unpredictable, and keep others around you always guessing.

Go In Feet First:

If you eat the chocolate bunny paws first, it’s not so much because you’re trying to gain some “rabbit foot” luck, but rather you’re a caring and nurturing type of person, who also needs constant assurance that you are loved back.  Your insecurity causes you to fear being taken for granted or taken advantage of, thus clinging, or in the case of eating the feet first, “hobbling” things so they won’t get away.

Breaking Bunny In Half:

Breaking the chocolate bunny in half is pretty much how you live life, “half full” being a bit skeptical or pessimistic about things.  However you have a purpose in life, of making others feel like they have it better.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, you like being a pessimist, and some find your pessimism a bit humorous.

Whether you break your bunny in half or smash your bunny to bits before you eat it, one thing is sure – it all tastes delicious! That’s why Chocology is going to give away a solid 5 pound, 2 foot tall white chocolate Easter Bunny this year. Retail value for this delectable treat is $130. It just might take you all year to devour this chocolate giant.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 7.20.50 PM

To enter, purchase $25 worth of Chocolate from the Chocology website. Your name will be entered into a drawing to win the giant Easter Bunny. Winners will be posted on Facebook March 25th . The winner will receive this beautiful giant white chocolate bunny just in time for the big Easter Holiday! So simple…

Are you one of the 76% of Americans that will eat the ears first? Tell us which part of the bunny you’ll eat first on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section. We’d love to know your bunny eating personality!

…Hopping down the bunny trail!

The Chocology Team

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