Chocology’s Giving Back Road Trip


So, were you able to guess what the big announcement is? Did you follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram clues we told you about in last weeks blog post?

Well, if you guessed that Chocology is taking a cross-country trip – You were correct! Four years ago Madeline and I took a road trip to meet people who inspired us. We had such an amazing time meeting new friends and seeing new places. So much so that we’ve taken a road trip every year since then.

For our upcoming trip, we are putting our focus on giving. In the past, we were able to give of our time but not so much of our money. This year, we can give both and we are super excited.

Madeline and I will hit the road in a couple of weeks with chocolate in tow. We’ll leave from New York and work our way cross-country to California. We have several causes that pull at our heartstrings therefore the focus of our trip is to cross the country giving to many of these causes.

Madeline loves helping animals and has volunteered at PetSmart’s (A Wing and A Prayer) for many years. Many of our efforts will be going in the direction of assisting our animal loving partners in the world. I’ve always had a soft spot for women, children, the homeless, veterans and peace in our world, which has inspired us to seek out organizations that support these areas with passion and grace.

We’ve learned that when we give, we get the best gift of all. The gift of knowing that maybe we’ve made a little dent in the Universe and left the world in just a little bit better shape.

Won’t you come with us? Hop in our virtual backseat and travel cross-country with us as we give back to the principles and ideals we believe in.

How about we play a game? We’ll live post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout our trip and give clues as to where we are on our journey. Perhaps you can guess where we are and what we are doing there? We’d love to have you join us. You never know what surprises will come your way on a cross-country trip. We plan to have many and look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones along the way.

Oh, and never fear! We have a terrifically talented team at home who will be standing by to take your Chocology orders. Our customers are our priority and it will be business as usual on the home-front.

We look forward to sharing travel, workshops and giving back with you, our Chocology family, and certainly hope that you will join us. Here’s wishing you happy trails and safe traveling!

~ The Chocology Team


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6 Responses to Chocology’s Giving Back Road Trip

  1. phyllislm52 says:

    Linda, this is going to be a wonderful trip for you both!!! Wish I could come with you, I am so envious!!! I’ll keep myself posted on your travels and I pray that you have safe passage and good weather. Just make sure to take tons of pictures!!!!

  2. I hope you’ll be coming to NC, again! =)

  3. I’m exited to follow you on this trip to the best of my ability. I’m slow in the computer world.

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