Fun with Chocology

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Easter is finally here and we’d like to congratulate the winner of our 5-POUND giant Easter bunny–Lisa Kikolaides! Will she eat the ears first?

Lisa, we hope you enjoy your white chocolate bunny and we want to remind you not to eat it all at once! Thank you for your orders and we look forward to serving up more chocolate to you in the future.

In celebration of spring, we’d like to invite you to play a game with us. Starting tomorrow, we will be providing clues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regarding an exciting announcement to be revealed in next week’s blog post. Can you guess what we’re up to?

Follow our posts on social media and then make a guess in the comments, Facebook or Twitter. Next, check back on April 7, when we’ll broadcast what’s next for Chocology!

ALSO – Join us later this week at a to be named Port Jefferson eatery for another Chocology Act of Kindness event.  Our mission is to offer our chocolates to the first 20 customers who are willing to pledge an act of kindness.  All you have to do is pledge to do an act of kindness on our Facebook page and we’ll give you…you guessed it… a Chocology Easter Bunny!  We’ll announce the restaurant tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter.  We hope you’ll join us in spreading kindness this Easter holiday.

Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter weekend!

~ Your Chocology Team

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