Sowing the Seeds of Love

Want to know what Chocology’s been up to this past week?

Chocolate Anything is Possible lots of fudge FAF Caterinas Club Linda Madeline AirportMaking Fat Ass fudge, and lots of it!

We at Chocology believe in the ripple effect. Drive through the tollbooth in your city sometime and give the operator a smile from the heart. Then look in your rear view mirror! Is everyone behind you now smiling? That’s how the ripple effect works and at Chocology we love to create those kinds of ripples in the world!

So, how do we do it? How do we sow the seeds of love wherever we can?


Well, we have a very special ingredient that goes into every ounce of fudge that we craft. That ingredient is ~


Love is contagious and spreads far and wide. When you love what you do it’s natural that love flows into it. At Chocology, love is at the forefront of everything we do and we hope that the people who enjoy our fudge can taste it!

This week, from sea to shining sea (or from New York to California), Chocology spreads the love with Fat Ass Fudge. After shipments of fudge are sent off to customers around the country, Chocology heads to Anaheim to deliver fudge and make a donation to Caterina’s Club.

Last week we started out by filling an order for Security Net. They will be passing out our Fat Ass Fudge at their Security Conference in Anaheim, CA this week. We wish them a successful conference and thank them for their order. This sale enables us to donate $1,000 to Caterina’s Club in Anaheim, California, one of our Chocology Cares recipients. This one sale will get us a third of the way towards our goal of $3,000 to “get a family a home”. We love helping others and are so grateful to Security Net for helping us reach our intent to change the world through chocolate.

AN Anaheim

Anaheim choco








Next, we made fudge S’mores for an upcoming Texas wedding, with a portion of that also going towards our Chocology Cares campaign. Congratulations Jessica and Jason! We hope your special day is as special as the two of you and that the love that you share will grow and spread to everyone you encounter.


Don’t forget, for every order of fudge we receive, we will give back to one of our Chocology Cares organizations! Who knew eating fudge could benefit so many?

Finally, it was off to make fudge for our dear friends at Operation Freedom Paws, who will be supporting and sharing fudge with their friends at DreamPower Horsemanship! Now that’s paying it forward in action!

We are continuously collecting shoes for Back On My Feet–their Fat Ass Rocky 50K run is in Philadelphia on December 5, 2015. We’re hoping to supply lots of running shoes for their big event. A big thanks to all who have donated so far!

And finally, when we arrive back from Anaheim, we’re off to the Merry Merfolk Festival in Greenport, NY, Saturday  September 26 . This Festival will be benefiting the Cornell Cooperative Extension with its Suffolk County Marine Program.

Merfold Festival

Sunday, of course, we will participate in the Farmer’s Market in Port Jefferson.

PJ Farmers Market

From sea to shining sea, Chocology put’s its focus on bringing love to all that we meet. We hope you’ll join us in sowing the seeds of love this week!


~ Your friends at Chocology

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