Chocology Kids Trifecta

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At Chocology, we believe that kids learn best when they are inspired and having fun! Nothing gets kids more excited about learning than when chocolate is involved.

This summer, our Chocology Kids have enjoyed a variety of fun and informative learning experiences. In July, we presented our solar oven experiment, where we made delicious s’mores using our popular Fat Ass Fudge. What fun the kids had learning about solar energy and getting to eat their project afterwards!

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In August, we were delighted to have Stephanie Sorkin, the author of Chocolate Shoes with Licorice Laces available for a special reading of all three of her books. Combining chocolate and reading was a joy and the kids had a wonderful afternoon with their favorite stories and chocolate snacks.

Meet the Author

For September, we are excited to announce that Chocology will be sponsoring a Minecraft Lego Building session at the Lego Building Block Contest and Exhibit organized by the Ward Melville Heritage Organization in Stony Brook, New York.


Children of all ages are encourage to join us on September 24 for Lego/ Minecraft building and chocolate samples. Your creation could wind up being displayed at the Ward Melville Heritage event for the duration of the event! Admission to this Chocology event is free with paid admission to the WMHO event. Minecraft, Lego and chocolate…could there be a better combination?


Chocolate and kids go hand in hand. We love getting kids excited about learning and we’ve found that when chocolate is involved, kids get excited. Combining chocolate and learning is our passion for both kids and kids at heart. We hope you can join us as we wrap up the Chocology Kids summer with Lego building and chocolate!

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